Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The veto of President Donald Trump, concerning the defense bill was overridden by the US House of Representatives. This took place on Monday, 28th of December. The name of the defense bill was the National Defense Authorization Act. This measure delivered a rebuke of both the parties, to President Donald Trump.

Initially, the defense bill was passed by both the Senate and the House. It was done so with a veto-proof majority. But since President Trump seemed to be adamant in opposing the bill, the situation still seemed to be unclear. Nobody had any idea if the veto would be sustained or it would get overridden.

Situations Created By The Defense Bill

There seemed to be a different scenario for the party members of the Republican. They were put in a situation where they either had to choose President Trump, or the bill itself. However, they seemed to have gone for the law that lays the structure of the policies of defense of their country. Democrats, on the other hand, were not in much of a dilemma considering the defense bill. They were sure about the fact that the veto would be overridden. This confidence had been expressed by them.

The bill will now be forwarded to the US Senate. The veto will have to be overridden in the chamber as well. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator of Vermont, gave a statement concerning the matter this Monday. He stated his conditions about it to Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. He said that unless McConnell does not bring votes for the 2000 USD stimulus check on the floor of the House, he will be delaying the defense bill vote. This could lead to a delay in the final vote to override the veto.