Trump Tells Lawmakers To Prioritise Passing The Second Stimulus Package Over Amy Coney Barrett

stimulus package

On Tuesday, Senator Mitch McConnell told media sources that he is willing to bring a $500 billion stimulus package to the floor before instituting Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court. 

Senator McConnell spoke about giving the Democratic Party another chance at passing a stimulus bill. The news comes after Trump’s presidential polls show a lag. The president recently tweeted that the lawmakers need to pass a stimulus package as soon as possible. 

Mitch McConnell Plans On Introducing A $500 Billion Stimulus Package On The Senate Floor

The stimulus bill that the Republicans are proposing is much smaller than the Democrat’s $2.2 trillion stimulus bill. However, as per sources, Speaker Pelosi beloved that they still have a chance to pass their stimulus package. 

Over a phone call, Speaker Pelosi told her Democratic representatives that they cannot afford to fold in the stimulus package negotiations. 

As the presidential elections get closer, it’s clear that the lawmakers want to avoid getting blamed for a delay in passing a stimulus bill. 

On Monday, Trump tweeted saying that instituting Amy Coney Barrett can be put on hold as of now, indicating his urgency in securing a second stimulus package before the November presidential elections. This decision by the president is in direct opposition to his earlier orders. 

The GOP Republicans, the White House, and the Democratic Party are all in agreement that a second stimulus package needs to be passed as soon as possible. 

As the White House grows desperate, Speaker Pelosi increasingly hopes that the stimulus bill negotiations will go the Democrat’s way.