On Saturday, Terence Crawford won his 4th WBO welterweight title. The game was against Kell Brook. 

In an adrenaline-filled game within the MGM Grand arena, Terence Crawford scored a gut-wrenching knockout against 27 KOs Kell Brook. The win is not much of a surprise. Even so, the game showed Terence Crawford’s patience. Throughout the first 3 rounds, Terence observed Brook calmly and switched his stance multiple times. And in the fourth round, Terence knocked Brook out. The punch came as swiftly and devastatingly as one would expect of Terence Crawford. 

As soon as Kell Brook could manage to come back, Terence launched his heavy punches on him. The referee was Tony Weeks. Weeks tried to bring Brook back. However, Terence Crawford was too quick and agile for that. And so, Weeks has to stop the game. 

After the game, Crawford told media sources that Kell Brook is a great player but he couldn’t win the game. He also said that no one should Male any excuses for Kell since his physique and weight were almost equal to Crawford’s. Moreover, Kell Brook came into the ring after three major wins. It was a game of equals. It’s just that Terence Crawford threw faster and stronger punches. 

The WBO welterweight title win is great for Terence Crawford since this is his sole appearance for 2020. He had planned to set up matches, but it was disrupted by the pandemic.