President Donald Trump, hosted a campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.  He mentioned in this campaign, that he would like to propose a minimum sentence of one year for any person who burns the national flag. 

In a 1989 case, Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court passed a 5-4 ruling, declaring that burning the national flag falls in a citizen’s right to speech. Thus, burning the national flag is not illegal, and is protected under the First Amendment. However, Trump in his campaign, mentions that he believes in the general right of freedom of speech, but considers this act to be a desecration. 

This proposal has been spoken about by Trump, even in the past. However, the recent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, which includes the burning of the national flag, seems to have made the President rethink this proposal. 

George Floyd, a black man died in Minneapolis police custody, and this event has sparked a whole series of protests throughout the country. People have come together to fight against the racism that has been built into the DNA of the country. However, the President has titled these protests as a disgrace. He has also pledged for an “anti-flag burning” statute.

The President is heard to have spoken to the governors to review the situation, as there is a new court now, and he cannot see the burning of national flags. He hopes that the Supreme Court will pass a ruling in their favor.