On Wednesday President Donald Trump declared that he believes that the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In fact, some states might even come out of a lockdown much before the stipulated deadline, 1st of May. 

“While we must remain vigilant, it is clear that our strategy is working, and very strongly working…. The data suggests that nationwide we have passed the peak on new cases,” declared Trump during his briefing in the Rose Garden, of the Coronavirus Task Force. 

Trump says Coronavirus Pandemic has Peaked, Some States to Reopen before May 1

Trump is excited about the prospect of finally reopening the states post-lockdown. He is finalizing all the guidelines for the states. He is also distressed about all the “death and distraction” all around.

On the day of Trump’s declaration of having overcome the peak, there were 605,000 confirmed positive cases with a death toll exceeding 27,000. 

According to Trump, there is no evidence yet, but the Task Force was analyzing graphs, charts, and models.

The Task Force members are, however, wary of Trump’s optimism and are repeatedly asking people to be cautious and careful.