President Donald Trump recently slammed CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond, when the latter asked why he was engaging in self-congratulations. “Today we hit the grim milestone of more than 40,000 Americans now having died from the coronavirus. Can you explain then why you come out here and you are reading clips and — and showing clips of praise for you and for your administration? Is this really the time for self-congratulation?” Diamond asked.

Trump declared that Diamond “didn’t have the brains he was born with” as he had allegedly been standing up for not himself, but the countless men and women who have done an incredible job at trying to tackle the pandemic. “Not for me, for the men and women, admirals, vice president, if I might, but all of the men and women. Thousands, tens of thousands of them that build hospitals in New York and New Jersey and all over this country in record time. They’d throw up 1,000 beds in 4 days. I’m sticking up for those people. Those people have been incredible. I’m also sticking up for doctors and nurses and military doctors and nurses.”

He derided CNN for perpetuating fake news, and said that he had been unfairly represented by the media from the beginning, claiming he had the “most unfair press in history”. Jim Acosta and Kaitan Collins, a part of the CNN correspondents’ team, rotating the White House for news on task force briefings too critiqued Trump’s “happy talk” at a morbid time such as this. Last Monday CNN stopped its live coverage of the briefings, labeling it as “propaganda”.