Self-preservation techniques have led Trump to start a squabble with his governors over the re-opening of the economy or re-opening of states. 

Trump states that the onus is on the individual states to loosen their restrictions, end stay-home orders, and reopen for business. But there has also been simultaneous pressure to get back to business ASAP.

After China, WHO, Trump is supposedly using his governors as a political foil to ease his way out of this crisis, suggests one of his political advisers who also warns, “People’s initial reaction is always to look to the President, but as the time goes on and it becomes clear other states are doing other things, that blame and credit will shift to the governors, considering they are the ones making the calls.”

While protests gather momentum in the nation towards re-opening, Trump sees this as leverage for his fall election and pressurizes and blames the states for this further ado. 

However, there has been response from the governors as well. There has been a persistent lack of medical supplies and the states asking for help to track them down has been misrepresented by the government. “To try to push this off to say that the governors have plenty of testing, and they should just get to work on testing- somehow we aren’t doing our job- is just absolutely false,” reported Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland.

Amidst such trouble, there has been no help from the White House adds many other Governors. To restart the economy, widespread testing has to be done. However, the availability of kits remains a point of contention. And if Trump “grabs credit for everything and push responsibility off on others,” the plan of reopening might just get disarrayed way past schedule.