Donald Trump
Donald Trump

President Trump pardons two men pleading guilty in the investigation of Robert Mueller along with former Republican allies serving in Congress. He also pardons military contractors who were involved in the deadly shooting which killed Iraqi civilians. Trump pardons George Papadopoulos, campaign aide, US congressman Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter along with the 4 Blackwater guards who were involved in the deadly shooting massacre in Iraq. These commutations and pardons are expected as Trump is concluding his term.

Along with these people, Trump pardons Dutch lawyer Alex Zwaan who got sentenced to thirty days in prison after he pleaded guilty to hiding the truth and lying to the investigators of the Mueller case. He also pardons two agents of Border Patrol who were convicted back in 2006 for wounding and shooting an undocumented and unarmed immigrant, they also tried to cover it up. Trump pardons many people who were convicted of drug crimes of non-violent nature with lengthy sentences.

Trump Pardons Non-Violent Drug Offenders

The pardons arrived with the recommendation of the allies of President Trump and in the conservative media. Most of the drug offenders were recommended by a previous federal inmate Alice Johnson for clemency. The sentence of Alice Johnson was commuted by Trump because Kim Kardashian urged it. The announcement on Tuesday also included the commutation of the jail term of Steve Stockman, a former Republican who got convicted of almost 2 dozen felonies involving money laundering and fraud.

In Tuesday’s release, the House cited the age of Stockman and mentioned his pre-existing underlying health conditions which place him at a greater risk amidst a pandemic. Stockman contracted coronavirus once during his prison term. He has already served 2 years out of his ten-year sentence which prosecutors referred to as a crime spree of white-collar.