Trump International Joins Other NYC Hotels Exposed For NOT Changing Bedding Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Better be careful before you book your next vacation, y’all!!

In a brand new sting operation conducted by Inside Edition, it was unearthed that some NYC hotels — including Trump International Hotel & Tower — were failing to meet basic cleanliness standards and also failing to change out the bedding! This is especially alarming amid the COVID-19 pandemic!!

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The show’s team used a blue-light spray to apply their logo to bedding and towels, and a blue-light washable gel on high-contact surface areas, including door handles, the remote, and thermostat. The following day, they would always check back into the exact same hotel room under a different name to see if the area had precisely been cleaned.

Despite the room coming with a card which noted the hotel was taking added precautions for the safety of its guest, and also provided them with a PPE “welcome kit,” the standard for cleanliness wasn’t met. Upon their arrival at Trump’s Central Park West hotel on day two, the sheets appeared to have already been changed, but a pillowcase still showed the bright-blue logo. In addition, the blue-light gel on the remote and area above the minibar also remained.

Eww!!! For over $600 a night, we’d positively expect more!

Unsurprisingly, a spokesperson for the hotel told the outlet their report was “categorically false,” stating:

“Following an internal review, we have figured the claims made by Inside Edition are categorically false. Trump International Hotel & Tower New York is one of the premier luxury hotels anywhere in the world and contains received countless accolades, such as the Forbes Five-Star award for the past 13 years, because of its consistently impeccable service.”

Unfortunately, their hotel isn’t the only one which showed similar results! At the Hyatt Place Hotel in Times Square, it absolutely was shown the towels have been changed, however the sheets and pillowcase was not. In addition, the remote still glowed with gel while a handprint on the desk had been wiped away.

Unlike the Trump Hotel where the investigation’s reports were denied, a Hyatt rep vowed to complete better:

“We are deeply concerned about the situation described, as it is not representative of Hyatt’s rigorous and enhanced cleaning protocols that have been deployed globally due to COVID-19. We are working with the hotel’s owner to ensure the hotel is implementing proper cleaning protocols that are consistent with Hyatt’s commitment to cleanliness for the safety and well-being of our guests.”

At the nearby Hampton Inn Hotel, similar results were found! Once again, the bedsheets and pillowcases had not been changed, and the blue-light gel was still on the thermostat and remote on day two. A spokesperson for the hotel said an “internal investigation” found that their housekeeping staff “relied on a visual inspection of the room’s cleanliness to determine which areas received attention, deviating from our protocols.”

They continued:

“Our hotel’s cleanliness is one of our highest priorities, especially during these unprecedented times. This is a violation of our standards to thoroughly clean each room. Both our housekeeping team and management apologize for this mistake and we are retraining our team members to reinforce our procedures.”

Watch more from Inside Edition (below):

[Image via TrumpNewYork/YouTube.]

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