Trump, who has faced severe criticism for downplaying the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic gave a “fiery defense” on Saturday. There has been pressure on the administration to increase the testing facilities nationwide. In a briefing that lasted for over an hour, Trump tried to side-track the pressure by implying that America is better equipped at handling the pandemic than other nations in Europe or elsewhere.

Trump said that America has tremendous testing capacity, and some “partisan voices” (referring to criticism by Democrats) are simply trying to sabotage the situation by talking about this issue. He also blamed former President Barrack Obama for leaving only “broken junk” and low medical supplies to count on.

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, who has been asking the federal government to increase testing, received a reply from Trump saying that it is the state’s responsibility to increase its testing abilities.

In his briefing, Trump tried to prove hard that the US is ready for its first phase of reopening, according to orders issued by the White House on Thursday. The president also compared the mortality rate of America with that of the other nations suffering from the pandemic.

He also defended the protest rallies that have broken out in several states against the stay-at-home orders. Trump accused the governors of getting “carried away”, referring to the strict rules put up by the Democratic governor in Virginia.