President Trump has started off his presidential campaign even as the country reels under rising COVID-19 cases and political chaos. 

Few hours before his rally, Donald Trump spoke with John Roberts from Fox News. In the interview, Trump announced that fresh guest worker visa restrictions will be introduced in a few days. 

However, the President kept his silence on the ongoing Black Lives Matter Movement. But he spoke about the employment situation in the country. Trump claimed that the country was getting back on track and that his administration has done the best job in bringing employment in the history of America. 

When asked for details on the visa restrictions, Trump decided to keep mum. However, he said that whatever the details are, the people of the country will be happy with it. 

Keeping in view the pandemic lockdowns, the economic fallout, and the visa restrictions, several guest worker programs are expected to be suspended. 

In April, President Trump indicated that some form of immigration was to be suspended as local demand for employment was of the highest priority. 

And in yet another blow to the Dreamers, Trump brought up the issue of the DACA program and said that he will rescind the program. Trump’s comments follow the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Trump Administration’s decision. 

Donald Trump reiterated that they will file a case again and claimed that they basically won.