Trump’s ‘dirty trickster’ was refused a new trial and Trump expressed his thoughts regarding this, tweeting, “This is a disgraceful situation!” 

Held off for obstructing a congressional probe into Russian election interference and witness tampering in 2019, Stone was sentenced to 3 years or more of prison time in February. He was found guilty but he pled non-guilty till the end. 

One of the jurors was found to have political leanings and Stone’s lawyers claimed a fresh new trial owing to that, but Obama-appointee District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled against the claim for a new trial stating that the lawyers couldn’t argue convincingly as to any bias on the part of the jurors that might have affected the verdict. 

Jackson clearly states, “The assumption underlying the motion- that one can infer from the juror’s opinions about the President that she could not fairly consider the evidence against the defendant- is not supported by any facts or data and it is contrary to controlling legal precedent.”

On the other side, Stone, 67, considers this verdict to be his “death sentence.” The only hope for him now is the President’s pardon.