Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

On Tuesday President Trump asked Congress to make amendments to the Covid-19 stimulus bill, abandoning the $900 billion Covid-19 bill’s future in doubt. President Trump’s position has the capability of threatening the jeopardy of this drafted bill that his administration has helped negotiate. It can result in a partial government shutdown and a tails pinned economy if he vetoes the bill.

Trump didn’t threaten explicitly to veto the stimulus bill but mentioned his dissatisfaction regarding the state of it. In his video, he said that Congress initiated negotiations over a new bill for helping the Americans. However, the stimulus bill that they planned to make him sign is very much different from what was anticipated. He called the bill a disgrace.

What Changes Does Trump Want In The Stimulus Bill?

In the video posted by Trump on Twitter, he said that he demanded Congress for amending the stimulus bill for increasing the stimulus payment amount to $4000/couple or $2000/individual from the low $600.He also asked Congress for deleting the unnecessary and wasteful items mentioned in the legislation and send him an appropriate bill. This extraordinary message arrived after he left most of the negotiations to Steve Mnuchin, Treasure Secretary and lawmakers.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker greeted Trump’s message by tweeting that the Republicans refused to input the amount demanded by the President when asked for it repeatedly. She said that the $2000 proposed by the President will be put to a floor vote this week. Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader, Senate, tweeted that they are in favor of passing more aid to the Americans but Trump should sign the stimulus bill in order of avoiding the government shutdown and helping people.

Like most of the aides of President Trump, the Capitol Hill Republicans didn’t know that Trump would be going against this bill. One leadership aide of the GOP answered ‘no’ when asked by CNN whether this situation was expected.