Martial Law
Martial Law

President Trump convened the Oval Office meeting on Friday which got heated and talks of invoking martial law came up. Two people, Sidney Powell, lawyer, and Michael Fynn, NSA, her client attending the meeting described the session which was an impromptu meeting at the start but broke out and devolved into a screaming match as the President’s aides pushed back towards Fynn and Powell’s outrageous suggestions regarding overturning the result of the election.

Is Trump Endorsing The Idea Of Martial Law?

This week early, Flynn suggested Trump invoke martial law for overturning the results of the election in which he got defeated by President-elect Biden. It is still unclear if Trump is endorsing this idea. However, others present in the meeting forcefully shot the idea down and pushed it back. Mark Meadows, chief of White House staff, and Pat Cipollone, counsel pushed back the suggestion that Powell should be named the special counsel for investigating election fraud allegations that Trump’s administration has already dismissed. Powell has hatched her conspiracies regarding voting machines. He has given the idea of inspecting the voting machines for faults and flaws.

Another idea proposed was giving the executive order for granting the government access to voting machines so that they can inspect them. One person called the meeting “ugly” as Flynn and Powell accused people of abandoning Trump as the President looks for overturning the election results. One source described the event as an elevating sense of tension among the President’s aides regarding the next step of Trump such as invoking martial law.

An internal serious divide has taken place within the campaign of Trump about election fraud between Matt Morgan, General Counsel, and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer. Although the campaign has dismissed Powell, Trump is asking his aides to fight like Powell is fighting. Trump has asked people to support Powell’s baseless arguments and conspiracy theories.