There are longstanding concerns about the president’s affinity for Russia, which stepped in in the 2016 project to assistMr Trump, according to American intelligence agencies, a special counsel investigation and the existing Senate Intelligence Committee report.Mr Trump has actually called it all a scam, publicly accepted President Vladimir V. Putin’s word that Russia did not interfere and pressed policies handy toMr Putin and his federal government.

This month,Mr Trump declined cautions from the American intelligence companies that Russia is trying to help him win re-election in 2020.

“Collectively, the allegations raised a potential counterintelligence concern, that Russia might use compromising information to influence the then-presidential candidate’s positions on relations with Russia,” the report stated. “The committee sought, in a limited way, to understand the Russian government’s alleged collection of such information, not only because of the threat of a potential foreign influence operation, but also to explore the possibility of a misinformation operation targeting the integrity of the U.S. political process.”

The report launched Tuesday supplied among the most in-depth authorities accounts ofMr Trump’s timein Russia Over lots of pages in the almost 1,000-page file, the report stated that a Marriott executive informed committee detectives that afterMr Trump took a trip to Russia in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant the executive overheard 2 …

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