The Canadian Prime Minister on Saturday mentioned that Canada and the United States have accorded a deal that would see them extending the border restrictions in place by 30 more days. This, he believes, would keep people on both sides of the border safe from COVID-19. 

The border has been closed since March 21, and only essential travel journeys have been allowed. Business and export has been on the agenda, and health has been an exemption from the restrictions. The Canadian Prime Minister has increased the restrictions to another month, considering they were about to get over on Tuesday. 

Along with this announcement, Trudeau also announced that he would be implementing a $306 million fund towards businesses that were indigenous in nature, and had been heavily affected by the novel coronavirus. Gary Vidal, one of the major critics of Conservative Indigenous Services wrote an open letter to the government, telling them about how these businesses already faced enough problems as it is, without wage subsidy putting them through greater peril. 

“The effect of the COVID-19 crisis on these companies is even more significant than those in the general economy. First Nations businesses already face greater hurdles than most,” Vidal wrote, asking that the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) be expanded to include such businesses.