Troy Kotsur
Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur is one of the finest actors of the modern era. He is a versatile actor and has portrayed a lot of different characters. His acting prowess has earned him a lot of fanbase from all over the world.

Kotsur always fancied about being a movie star and is currently living his dream. Kotsur has recently created history at the Oscars. He became the first deaf performer to win an Academy Award.

He received the award for his work in “CODA”. Troy was awarded the award of best supporting actor in the movie. Marlee Matlin was the co-star for Troy in the film. She is the first-ever deaf actor to win an Oscar.

She achieved the feat in the year 1987. Matlin was awarded the prize for her impeccable performance in “Children Of A Lesser God”. Kotsur seemed very much happy as he took the centre stage to receive his award.

All the audience stood up on their feet to acknowledge the fantastic feat. Most of them made hand gestures silently to make the actor feel special. Troy Kotsur had tears in his eyes as he went to receive the award at the Oscars.

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Troy Kotsur Achieve Unbelievable Feat

It was one of the most memorable moments in the life of Troy Kotsur. He seemed visibly happy and excited about receiving the Oscars for the first time in his life.

Youn Yu-Jung presented Kotsur with the award. She held the trophy for the actor as he used sign language to convey his emotions to the crowd. 

Troy Kotsur stated that he could not believe that he was standing on center stage. He also said that his journey so far has been amazing.

Kotsur thanked his theater days where he was able to mold himself into a better actor.