The death of Kelly Preston at the age of 57 is the 2nd tragedy to ravage John Travolta’s household after the couple’s 16- year-old kid Jett passed away from a seizure at a vacation house in the Bahamas in2009

Travolta explained his son’s death as the ‘worst thing that ever took place in my life’ and informed how the Church of Scientology had actually assisted him and his better half through their sorrow.

The couple’s misery did not end there, since Jett’s death resulted in a prolonged lawsuit after an ambulance chauffeur and his lawyer were implicated of attempting to obtain $25 million from the couple by threatening to launch delicate information about the death.

Travolta affirmed throughout criminal procedures and was prepared to do so a 2nd time after the trial collapsed, however later on chose to stop pursuing the case, mentioning the extreme stress on his household.

Preston and Travolta both consequently went back to acting however the couple had actually continued to voice their sorrow in the last few years.

Kelly Preston published this image of her late kid Jett in 2019, a years after he passed away at a Bahamas vacation house after suffering a seizure

John Travolta (second left), his wife Kelly Preston (right) and their children Jett (second right) and Ella (left) during the 2000s. Jett died in the Bahamas in January 2009

John Travolta (2nd left), his better half Kelly Preston (right) and their kids Jett (2nd right) and Ella (left) throughout the 2000 s. Jett passed away in the Bahamas in January 2009

Jett Travolta was born in 1992, after the couple had actually wed in Paris the previous year while anticipating the kid.

His moms and dads exposed he had actually experienced Kawasaki syndrome when he was a young child, a little-understood health problem which can trigger fevers and skin rashes.

The household stated he had a history of seizures, and buddies stated he had developmental specials needs which his mom Kelly later on referred to as autism.

In January 2009, while on holiday in the Bahamas, Jett was discovered unconscious in a restroom and was noticable dead in healthcare facility, where medics provided ‘seizure condition’ as the cause of hisdeath Reports stated he had actually struck his head on a bath tub.

Dozens of family members flew to Grand Bahama to convenience John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who stated that ‘Jett was the most fantastic kid that 2 moms and dads might ever request for’.

‘We are sad that our time with him was so short. We will value the time that we had with him for the rest of our lives,’ they stated at the time.

In 2010, Travolta stated that he and Kelly had actually ‘leaned on’ their Scientologist religious beliefs to make it through the terrible time.

He stated: ‘It’s something that has actually been really hard, however I am getting a lot of aid in handling it.

‘My better half and I and my child – we’re all handling it along with can be anticipated. We lean on our church greatly and they have actually assisted us a lot.’

Jett was cremated and his ashes flown to Florida with his moms and dads, and a funeral was held at the household house.

Scientologists described that according to their belief system, ‘the individual is not gone’ however rather they ‘go on’ in another life time, a concept comparable to reincarnation.

‘Friends and household have the chance to bid farewell, to acknowledge and thank the individual for what she or he has actually performed in this life time, and to want them well as they proceed to their next life time,’ a representative stated at the time.

While grieving the loss of their kid, the couple dealt with more suffering when regional ambulance chauffeur Tarino Lightbourne and his lawyer Pleasant Bridgewater apparently attempted to obtain them by threatening to launch delicate information about thedeath

Lightbourne, who was amongst the medics who dealt with Jett, apparently utilized the danger to attempt to obtain $25 million from the star. He and Bridgewater rejected the claims.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston with their surviving children Ella (right) and Benjamin (front) at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018

John Travolta and Kelly Preston with their enduring kids Ella (right) and Benjamin (front) at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018

Kelly Preston's final post to Instagram was one to celebrate Father's Day in June. The picture is thought to have been taken the previous year

Kelly Preston’s last post to Instagram was one to commemorate Father’s Day inJune The image is believed to have actually been taken the previous year

The 2 suspects dealt with criminal charges in the Bahamas, where Travolta provided statement about how he had actually frantically attempted to conserve the life of his kid.

The star affirmed that he carried out CPR on the teenager after a baby-sitter notified him and his better half about Jett’s seizure and lapse into unconsciousness.

According to Travolta’s proof, Lightbourne had actually threatened to go public with a file signed by Travolta declining his permission for Jett to be required to a regional healthcare facility.

Travolta stated he signed the file since he had at first desired Jett flown to Florida for treatment instead of being hospitalized in theBahamas

However, the trial needed to be terminated in October 2009 when a Bahamian legislator recommended the still-deliberating jury had actually acquitted one of the suspects.

Travolta at first stated he wanted to take the stand once again for a retrial, however in September 2010 the household revealed it was not continuing with the charges.

‘The Travolta household has actually stated that this matter has actually triggered them incredible tension and discomfort and they want to put this entire thing behind them,’ a prosecuting legal representative stated at the time.

John Travolta stated in a declaration that his co-operation in the legal case had actually come at ‘terrific psychological expense to my household’.

‘The long-pending status of this matter continued to take a heavy psychological toll on my household, triggering us to conclude that it was lastly time to put this matter behind us,’ he stated.

‘Therefore, after much reflection I concluded that it remained in my household’s benefit for me not to willingly go back to The Bahamas to affirm a 2nd time at trial.’

Kelly Preston and John Travolta in the 1989 movie The Experts - the film which led to their romance and eventual marriage

Kelly Preston and John Travolta in the 1989 film The Experts – the movie which resulted in their love and ultimate marital relationship

Bridgewater preserved her innocence while stating that ‘I am deeply saddened that the Travoltas needed to withstand the discomfort at the loss of their kid’.

‘It is my prayer that they will have the ability to bring closure to this unfortunate chapter in their lives and open a brand name brand-new one, filled with happiness and peace,’ she stated.

But Lightbourne stated he desired a trial to show his innocence. ‘I’m not completely pleased,’ he stated. ‘I wished to have my name cleared.’

Last year, 10 years after Jett’s death, Kelly Preston shared a psychological homage to her ‘sweet love’ Jett on Instagram, stating he was ‘in our hearts permanently’.

‘ I send out love to all of the lovely autistic kids and the fantastic individuals who like them. May all of us shine and grant love and regard to kids with unique requirements,’ she stated in April2019

The exact same month, John Travolta marked what would have been Jett’s 27 th birthday by sharing a painting of his kid and stating: ‘Happy birthday my kid I like you’.

In an interview with Us Weekly last January to mark the 10- year anniversary of Jett’s death, Travolta stated the Church of Scientology had actually assisted the couple through the dark times.

‘The church never ever left our sides for 2 years. I do not understand if I would have made it through without their assistance,’ he stated.

‘It’s the worst thing that’s ever taken place in my life,’ he stated. ‘The fact is, I didn’t understand if I was going to make it.’

Kelly Preston and John Travolta in The Experts - the 1988 production on which they first met

Kelly Preston as Avery Bishop in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire

Pictured left: Kelly Preston and John Travolta in The Experts – the 1988 production on which they initially fulfilled. Pictured right, Preston as Avery Bishop in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire

In 2015, Travolta concerned the defense of Scientology after the release of the vital documentary Going Clear, which was vital of Travolta for being a public face for the company.

The church installed a significant project versus the movie, consisting of full-page advertisements in the New York Times and Los AngelesTimes

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Travolta stated he would not see the documentary and stated he ‘might not think of’ assaulting the church.

‘I’ve been so delighted with my experience in the last 40 years that I actually do not have anything to state that would clarify [a film] so extremely unfavorable,’ he stated.

‘I’ve been brought through storms that were overwhelming, and [Scientology has] been so lovely for me, that I can’t even think of assaulting it.’

In 2000, Travolta and Preston both starred in the futuristic film Battlefield Earth, based upon an unique by Scientology creator L. RonHubbard

Travolta put up cash of his own towards the production, however it tumbled at package workplace and was frequently ranked amongst the worst motion pictures of the years.

Travolta and Preston had 2 other kids, child Ella Bleu in 2000 and kid Benjamin in2010

Tributes have actually been gathering for Preston today after Travolta revealed last night that she had actually passed away of breast cancer after a two-year experience.

Preston passed away on Sunday early morning having ‘battled a brave battle with the love and assistance of a lot of’, Travolta stated as he exposed his better half’s two-year cancer experience for the very first time.

John validated his better half’s death in an Instagram post over night Sunday, writing: ‘Kelly’s love and life will constantly be kept in mind.

‘ I will be taking a while to be there for my kids who have actually lost their mom, so forgive me beforehand if you do not speak with us for a while. But please understand that I will feel your profusion of love in the weeks and months ahead as we recover.’

Their child Ella, now 20, stated she had ‘never ever fulfilled anybody as brave’ as her mom.

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