Tony La Russa, manager of Chicago White Sox, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, running up a curb on the road, and abandoning his damaged car on a Phoenix road, last February.

This was his second known offense after a misdemeanor in 2007. He had pleaded guilty to a DUI offense in Florida.

Tony La Russa made a shocking return to the dugout after a 9-year absence. He is presently aged 76 and is included in the Hall of Fame. He is known as one of the shrewdest managers in the world of baseball.

Offenses By Tony La Russa

On the night of 24th February, Tony La Russa was found to be slightly intoxicated while driving. According to recorded statements, he was held near Phoenix Airport and arrested for engaging in arguments with the officer-in-charge.

Tony La Russa was reportedly unwilling to follow instructions and give his urine or blood sample for an alcohol detection test. Later, a warrant was issued to obtain 2 tubes of his blood, as prescribed in the DUI guidelines.

Since his blood tests showed 0.08 alcohol traces, Tony La Russa might face ten-day prison custody.

Since he is a first time offender, Tony La Russa expects his jail term to be reduced to 1-day along with paying the fine and using an ignition interlock for 1 year.

In a statement, he accepted and took full responsibility for his offenses and promised to never repeat them again.