Sony PS5
Sony PS5

2020 is definitely not the year we wanted it to be. The Sony PS5 that had been launched on 12th November in the US is basically inaccessible right now as it cannot be seen both at stores and online inventory. 

The only Sony PS5 consoles that are available to you right now will cause you to spend a huge sum of money. The ones that are available over StockX or eBay are charging you an amount that more than doubles the exact price. However, it is depressing that these are the only console that you can have online. And the way to grab one offline is by waiting for more than a day in line at the GameStop in California.

How To Get Sony PS5?

Nonetheless, there is a solution to this. If you really want your Sony ps5 then you must not lose touch with the social network platform, Twitter. Walmart and Anton line are among a few retailers that have used Twitter in order to update its customers in inventory drops. 

Sony too took over Twitter to let the gamers know that this console launch was a huge one. They also informed the players that they needed to check up on the retailers every now and then in order to get a hold of the Sony PS5. 

As for now, there happens to be nothing with the retailers that indicate the inventory which means that there is a very thin chance of you getting to enjoy the Sony PS5. But not to worry, just be patient and do as you are told to. If anything comes up, you will surely get informed through the above-mentioned sources.