Tips On Gamified Learning By A Gamification Expert

Gamification Guru: Yu- kai Chou

Yu- kai Chou is a business owner, author, speaker, and service expert with an impressive mind for video games. His love of video games initially established playing computer game as a kid maturing in South Africa and was among the extremely first individuals to study gamification. Over almost twenty years, he’s composed a number of books and spoken on the subject around the globe. In 2015, he was ranked number 1 amongst the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by INCREASE, and he got the “Gamification Guru of the Year Award” 2 years in a row by the World Gamification Congress.

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What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?

Learn how to bring gamification into your learning with strong theory and excellent case research studies.

Yu- kai Chou has actually dealt with a few of the biggest and most distinguished business worldwide. His work has actually been included in Forbes and The Wall StreetJournal What you will check out is a summary of a podcast Jerry Zandstra, Chief Strategy Officer of Inno-Versity, tape-recorded with Yu- kai.

Jerry Zandstra: Thank you for this discussion, Yu- kai. How did you end up being thinking about …

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