Tina Turner
Tina Turner

The 81-year-old Grammy-award holder, Tina Turner has published a book for happiness. She is on a mission to help people lead joyful lives through her book.

Tina turner, in “happiness becomes you”, has mentioned some valuable-soul-charging rituals from ancient times and her personal lessons for happiness.

The name of her book is “Happiness Becomes You, a guide for changing your life for good”, and it was launched on Tuesday. This literary work consists of Tina Turner’s spiritual journey after she started following Buddhism sometime in the 1970s. the book talks about different experiences she has had in her life. It guides the readers in finding love and happiness according to the lessons she has had.

“Happiness Becomes You” is not the first book of her life. She has written a couple of books including “My Love Story”, and “I, Tina”, before. From her book, “My Love Story”, the readers can know about Tina’s struggles in her abusive marriage and her mental issues that led her to attempt suicide during all those years when she had already become very famous.

The “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, singer, when asked about the inspiration for writing the book, said that she just wanted to help others to lead a joyous life.

Tina in the introduction of her new book has written that the one life-changing decision that she took, was the fact that irrespective of the external factors and circumstances working against you, you can always be happy. And the only way to do this, according to her,  is to take control of how you respond to any of it. She writes that self-help is the most powerful kind of help. Tina Turner also mentioned that any person can have peace if they start working on themselves.