Timothy Chalamet
Timothy Chalamet

Timothy Chalamet adorned the hate of a host for the very first time for ‘Saturday Night Live’ on the 12th December episode. During his monologue, Chalamet spoke about his experience of being brought up in the city of New York.

The actor also touched on the topic of his mother indulging in background work for the show. Additionally, his mother was also a part of the limited audience in the studio of 8H.

Timothy Chalamet At SNL

Chalamet spoke about his close affinity with the city of New York and the fond memories related to Christmas. He emphasized the qualities of the city as indicated in the very name itself. Following this, he sat in front of the piano.

Timothy Chalamet was joined by Pete Davidson who shared the memories of spending Christmas in Staten Island. He further added leaving Bud Light along with White Claw instead of cookies for Santa Claus.

Chalamet and Davidson then played a small song that spoke about Christmas in NY.

“A Rona Family Christmas”, the sketch was dramatized by Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong who was seen playing the anthropomorphized form of that virus. Additionally, Chalamet adorned the role of the screwup son who did not infect any person.

Chalamet also showed many other skills in this SNL episode like vocals and impressions. He also sang regarding the tiny horse in a particular musical sketch.

The SNL episode ended with the spoofing of a sketch on a specific show on sports talk. Timothy and Pete were seen playing Jets Fanatics and all in all, the duo proved to be very dynamic throughout the episode.

Timothy Chalamet was seen wearing a hoodie branded with Legendary Entertainment as the show was coming to an end which made many viewers wonder if it was any sort of message from the production company for WarnerMedia regarding the release of ‘Dune’.