TikTok app has created waves recently. It follows a minor girl’s demise in Palermo. It was reported that it happened due to her alleged participation in a challenge from the app. It prompted the Italian Data Protection Authority to issue orders to Tik Tok. It stated to block the users whose age remains unverified, for the time being, till February 15th.  

TikTok’s Popularity And Privacy Upgrades

TikTok is very popular among the young population. Owing to its popularity, it has made a special version of the app in the US for children under 13- ‘TikTok for Younger users. Though it boasts of its timely upgrades and the safety & privacy of its young users, time and again, it has faced harsh criticism.

Under the app’s terms of service, subscribers should at least be 13 years of age to create a page on the app. But according to the Italian authority, the rule is too easy to be violated by the young population, which stands too underestimated yet very knowledgeable.

With it’s growing popularity and membership, TikTok tried to modify and add more features to its privacy settings. Features like Remote Parental Controls allow the parents/guardians to change the kid’s privacy settings. The Default Privacy Settings for teenagers that limited their viewership are some noteworthy upgrades. Yet these upgrades seem not enough to safeguard underage children from cyberbullies, the pain, trauma, and challenges that can turn fatal, to name a few. 

In the wake of the ten-year-old minor’s death, the orders from the Italian authority for the ban seems to be just a temporary ‘halt.’ It is a minor step against the race of allurement and temptations that these apps dish out to its young and immature users with fallible minds.