Outbreaks of the corona virus make everyone in the world have to be extra vigilant in maintaining body condition.

Like washing hands thoroughly, not touching the face, and most importantly, applying social distancing.

However, what is done by an influencer named Larz can be said to be very extreme.

To his followers on social media, Larz said he was in hospital after being infected with the corona virus.

The news came just days after he filmed himself licking a toilet seat in a public bathroom as part of the “Coronavirus Challenge”.

The 21-year-old man from California wrote a tweet, “I tested positive for the corona virus,” the Daily Mail website reported.

However, his Twitter account has now been blocked.

He also uploaded a video to an Instagram account that showed him lying in a hospital bed.


The Coronavirus Challenge began as a way to get attention, which was initially carried out by TikTok and Instagram influencers, Ava Louise.

He filmed himself licking the plane toilet seat, and added the words, “Please retweet this so people can know how to clean properly on an airplane.”

To Insider, he claimed to do it for the sake of “attention”, because he did not want the corona virus to get more attention than himself.

He added, the owner of blonde hair can recover from anything so there is no harm in doing it.

In a follow-up video titled “Why I licked the toilet seat, now I’m running for president”, Ava Louise said she was attracting the attention of the mainstream media with the actions and toilet seats she licked on the plane.

He also said, “Darwinism does its job by destroying baby boomers.” “There is a reason why the corona virus kills more than 50 people, because all of you are destroying our country, our economy, and raising power-chasing people like me, people you really hate.”

Another dangerous prank is young influencers who cough at the supermarket.

A 26-year-old man, Cody Pfister, was accused of making terror threats after recording himself licking a toiletry rack at Walmart on March 11, the Daily Mail reported.