The stocks of KNDI found themselves downgraded by analysts working at TheStreet, when they shifted the rating from ‘c’ to a ‘d+’ in one of their research reports that were published last Monday. 

There have been quite a few research firms that have commented on the stock of the firm. BidaskClub has already increased the ratings of KNDI from a rating of ‘sell’ to a ‘hold’ in one of their research reports that were issued on the 7th of October. ValuEngine has, on the other hand, decreased the ratings of the company from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’.

The Quarterly Earnings of KNDI 

The stocks of KNDI opened last Monday at $7.48. The moving average price for the company over a period of 50-days is $9.38, while that of 200-days is $6.80. The market cap of the firm is $475.19 million, with a beta of 2.39, and a PE ratio of around -62.33. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.05, while the current ratio is 1.77, and the quick ratio is 1.48. The one year low of the company is $2.17, while the one year high has been $17.45. 

The company previously updated the results of their quarterly earnings on the 9th of November. The EPS for the quarter was around $0.03, which was set against the consensus estimate of $0.11. The revenue the firm generated in that period was $18.72 million, which was in the range of $21.60 million, as set by analysts. The company had a massively negative return on its equity at 2.98%, while the net margin was -6.14%. 

KNDI is a company that deals in electric vehicles throughout mainland China through its subsidiaries. Not just electric vehicles, but it also offers off-road vehicles like all-terrain vehicles, and go-karts, along with utility vehicles.