The Dietary Guidelines have helped convince American men for decades, that consuming alcohol results in a healthier life. The members of the DGA, in a recent public meeting, predict changes on the prevailing drinking advice. The committee has decided that American men will now have to stop drinking, after a single serving of any kind of liquor. They have also mentioned that drinking rarely is healthier than drinking more. Thus all men should avoid drinking to lower the rate of cardiovascular diseases. 

The study of new “Mendelian Randomization”, which compares populations with lower alcohol intake with more conventional genotypes, shows that alcohol increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. “It’s impossible to conclude” whether the observed benefits are because of the difference in alcohol consumption, or genetics has a role to play, as mentioned by the experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, a connection between alcohol and cancer has been “firmly established”. 

Media bias has led us to believe in the health benefits of alcohol intake. The connection between alcohol and cancer has been dismissed from our radar. A recent survey shows that less than half of the adults mark alcohol as a cause of cancer. The public policy is also to warn of this bias. Cancer warning was briefly included on coffee, because of an element called acrylamide that is formed during the roasting process. However, the outdated federal law which is under process to be changed leads to alcoholic beverages not carrying a cancer warning. This is ironic, as unlike coffee, alcohol has been marked as the third highest risk leading to cancer.