Apple Car
Apple Car

This time, Apple is rooting for an Apple car. According to the reports, the company is looking forward to producing a passenger vehicle. They are trying to fulfill this by the year 2024. Not just an Apple car, but they are also aiming to create a self-driving system with the technology of a breakthrough battery.

Rumors existed in Apple’s developmental plans for the car. This happened back in the year 2015. The report of that time stated that the project was put down in the year 2016, for a reason. The whole Apple team decided to go for software. They licensed it to the car manufacturing companies.

Apple Car And Its Technologies

There is no clear information to prove this news. Nobody knows how the exact plan for an Apple car. There is also no clear assurance if the first car that is produced will be equipped with all the technology. What is clear is the fact that there is an Apple car that is coming. Previously Apple did have plans for vehicle production, but it did not last long.

It has been established that an actual Apple car is on the anvil. However, there is a lack of any reports stating the exact time and date of it happening. The reports also throw light on the possibility that the company could again drop the efforts and work on proving driving technology instead.

It is reported that Apple is taking the help of some third parties in order to derive some components of the self-driving tech of the Apple car and its LIDAR systems. The battery technology of the company is dependent on the design of the mono cell. This is the design that will create space for more capacity in the overall unit of the battery.