The White Tiger
The White Tiger

After Arvind Adiga’s book  ‘The White Tiger’ was published in 2008, it has now been adapted into a movie by Iranian filmmaker Ramin Bahrani. Adiga’s book inspired him to make the movie, and though it’s an adaptation he did a good job. Adarsh Gaurav who plays the protagonist Balaram gave an outstanding performance.

The White Tiger In A Nutshell:

Balaram, the protagonist is shown to be a promising child during his childhood but being poor he is pulled out of school by his grandmother to work and add to the family’s income. 

Next, a grown-up Balaram is seen to have landed the job of a driver to a businessman named Stork. Being intelligent and smart he slowly makes his way to Ashok-one of Stork’s sons to gain his affection and adulation. He enjoys his privileged life, till one day when unfortunately all his illusions are shattered when the family meets with an accident and the blame lands upon him. 

The White Tiger: Bahrani’s Psychological Bend

What makes the movie striking is how Bahrani tries to showcase the dilemma that Balaram faces. Balaram harbors in his heart two opposite emotions- one that made him admire the rich and respect them for their wealth and position while the other prompted him to loathe them for being privileged and mistreating the likes of him.

The inner struggle of Balaram that turns his gratitude towards anger is beautifully performed by Adarsh- the white tiger. Balaram becomes a rebel who cheats his employers and deceives them to change his own destiny. He differentiates himself from those ‘roosters in a cage’ (the hapless lot) and believes in chalking out his own path, like a White Tiger-a rare breed.