The West must cease financing and harbouring terrorists – Middle East Monitor

Iran’s foreign minister blamed the United States and Europe for financing and safeguarding terrorists Saturday following the arrest of the leader of a US-based anti-government group.

“The west must cease financing and harboring [sic]terrorists From their safe houses in United States and Europe, they promote hatred, upset & & arrange murder & & trouble, and shamelessly declare obligation for the murder of innocent Iranian civilians,” Javad Zarif stated on Twitter.

“Smokescreens can’t obscure this hypocrisy,” he included.

Tehran revealed early Saturday the arrest of the leader of a US-based anti-government group implicated of performing fear attacks in Iran.

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“Jamshid Sharmahd, the ringleader of the Tondar terrorist organization, was arrested by Iranian security forces,” the Iranian Intelligence Ministry stated in a declaration that did not consist of extra information of the arrest.

Tehran implicates the US-based pro-monarchy organisation, Kingdom Assembly of Iran, of performing attacks and sabotage in Iran, consisting of an April 2008 fear attack in Shiraz that eliminated 14 individuals and hurt 215 others.

Sharmahd, who was based in the United States state of California, was likewise supposedly accountable for anti-Iran media protection.

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