Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works

4Th of December, Friday, is a super bowl for the supporters and loyalists of Bath and Body Works because it brings along the much-awaited annual sale.

This yearly sale of the company of candles has finally arrived and the year 2020 is going to be a blockbuster affair due to the larger than life and astounding series of events lined up by Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works Blockbuster Sale

On Friday, 4th of December, 2020 everyone hoping to purchase the 3-wick jumbo candle can buy it for a mere $9.95 at the official website of Bath and Body Works. This price range is the lowest that has been offered this year. With this price, all customers will be receiving a 60% discount and also, will be able to save approximately $15 on each jar.

So, it is very obvious that today is the best day for saving money by buying what you always wanted to!

However, we would like to inform you of certain rules before you start adding hoards of amazing candles to the cart on the website. It is mandatory for every customer to use the ‘Candle’ promo code at the time of checkout in order to avail of the 60% off.

Additionally, each customer can only purchase a maximum of 18 candles from one account.

What makes it all better is that Candle day is going to be a Candle weekend fest. Bath and Body Works has never extended its annual sale for more than a day. So this offer will be running throughout the weekend.