The Voice Finale
The Voice Finale

The Voice Finale was held this Wednesday. The show took quite an interesting turn as the finale was between coach Blake Shelton and his fiancé Gwen Stefani. Other coaches of the Voice included John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Carson Daly.

The contestant to take third place was Ian Flanigan from the team of Blake. The fourth and fifth place was taken by DeSz of Team Kelly Clarkson and John Holiday of team John Legend, respectively. So, it was Jim Ranger, the country-rock troubadour from team Blake Shelton vs Carter Rubin belonging to team Gwen Stefani in Season 19 of The Voice finale. This season was hosted by Carton Daly.

Gwen Stefani’s First Win In The Voice Finale

Blake has been the winning coach of 7 seasons of The Voice. He is also the only one to coach all the 19 seasons of the show. On the other hand, Gwen Stefanie has a different history. She has only been placed fourth before. That was when she had Jeffery Austin and Rose Short in season 9 and 17 respectively.

However, history was created by Gwen in this finale of the show. In all her 5 seasons, this is the first time that Gwen won. Together with this, the winner Carter too created history. He is the youngest ever contestant to win over The Voice finale.

Coach Blake is known for his overly competitive attitude in the show. But things were different this time around. he seemed overjoyed to hear the winner, who happens to be his love interest. He also did not display any sort of jealousy when the winner took his place for an incredible duo performance with Gwen. Together they performed the hit holiday song of Gwen herself.