The U.K. has one of the highest COVID-19 death tolls on earth. What happened?

On Thursday, British prime minister Boris Johnson made a maskless appearance in front of press reporters, elbow-bumping with law enforcement officer while promoting the nation’s “massive success” in decreasing the death toll of COVID-19

The “massive success” statement landed with a hollow thud. Hours later on, the Johnson federal government ordered the surprise lockdown in the North of England to suppress spikes around the Greater Manchester location. More than 4 million people were prohibited from holding indoor events with next-door neighbors. It comes as the British economy has plunged into what is anticipated to be theworst recession in 300 years


The nation is still on high alert. With more than 46,000 dead, the U.K. has up until now withstood a disproportionately high death toll compared to surrounding nations. The U.K.’s own stats body has verified that England alone had the highest numbers of excess deaths of any European country. Meanwhile, as of July 31, the John Hopkins’ Mortality Analyses puts the U.K. at 3rd in the world in both per-capita, and outright deaths– where it routes just the U.S. andBrazil Not great business.

It wasn’t expected to be by doing this. Johnson himself consistently declared throughout the early weeks of the pandemic that the U.K. was much better ready than a lot of, mentioning the …

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