Arecibo Observatory
Arecibo Observatory

The Arecibo Observatory situated in Puerto Rico has completely collapsed. Although numerous scientists have expressed their concern regarding the fate of this world-renowned and largest radio telescope that is single-dish. The platform was a piece of whopping 900-ton equipment that had been suspended above 500 feet of the dish. This equipment collapsed overnight following the final healthy cable failure to keep it intact.

The foundation of National Science reported that there have been no injuries.

Arecibo Observatory Details

Arecibo Observatory was scheduled to withdraw the services in the past month as the NSF had stated the risk involved with an enormous collapse due to the failure of the supporting cables that had kept the platform suspended along with the giant Gregorian dome right above the reflector dish which was 1,000-foot wide.

The trademark of the telescope dish that was nestled among the dense tropical forest has left a huge gouge in the month of August when the cable dropped and hacked the panels. The officials stated that following the snap of the main cable at the beginning of November, it was not possible to safely preserve this unsteady structure.

Officials were keeping the adjacent buildings functional and working on technical plans to restore the structure.

Angel Vasquez, director of the operations of the telescope, gave the details of the collapse as a loud bang was heard outside while he and several staff members were transporting valuable equipment.

Vasquez started working at the facility right after college and has remained there for almost 43 years.

Arecibo Observatory detected the binary pulsar (1974) which has motivated a significant idea of Einstein’s theory of relativity, bringing the 1993 Nobel Prize to two physicists in physics.