Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World

You will soon be getting to toss some Koopa Shells and slap on the racing gear of the Mario Kart. This is because the first Super Nintendo World of the world is opening soon. This is happening on the 4th of February, inside the theme park of Universal Studios Japan, which is in Osaka.

The announcement for this was made by Thomas Geraghty, the executive producer of Universal Creative, at a press conference on Monday. Universal creative is the arm for the creative and innovative work of Universal Studios. He also released the opening date, inside the new Bowser Castle of the park.

Sneakpeak Into The Details Of Super Nintendo World

According to Geraghty, you will not be able to compare the Super Nintendo World with anything else in the world as it will give the experience that you have never had before. The World is said to have attractions from the famous games of the 1980s, the Mario series. Not only that, but it is also said to have Mario-themed gift shops and restaurants.

It is obvious that the World will be full of some conventional rides, but that is not it. What is thrilling is the fact that the whole Super Nintendo World will be a game. The place is formulated in a way that will keep the visitors engaged in a competition against the other gamers. How exciting is that!

With its pioneering Asobi experience letting the visitors punch the question blocks by jumping up so that they could collect some virtual coins, just like in the game that we all grew up playing, the Super Nintendo World will undoubtedly an experience you have never had!