Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Music is not the only thing Harry Styles is famous for. His sense of fashion is equally embraced around the world. This is evident from the fact that he was one of the most entertained stars on the cover of the American Vogue.

Harry Styles made his debut in the world of entertainment on the X-Factor of Britain in the year 2010. And has remained as the heartthrob of many ever since. The reason behind this is the fact that both his music and his sense of fashion have evolved in a way that deserves nothing less.

Harry Styles’ Fashion Evolution

An iconic style is not something Harry Styles was born with. However, he always gave off the signs of being one. during the first years of being a member of One Direction, his style was that of a typical boy band from the teenage. The outfits that he wore, were something that was not too alike or too different from that of the rest of the bandmates.

His “off-the-carpet” look was a “boy-next-door” one. He chose to wear regular clothes like cozy cardigans and checkered shirts. Harry Styles started getting a little more precise with his style from the year 2013. This was the year he broke up with Taylor Swift, the fellow singing sensation. From printed upper wear to tight jeans, the world could see him paying homage to the look, “skinny rocker”. And at the end of the year, the pop star received the fashion award of Britain for the way he embraced his own personal style.

In the American Vogue from the month of November, Harry Styles has spoken about his relationship with clothes. The style icon said that there exists no such thing as “overdressed”. He also said that clothes were something to play with. And this should be done without taking into consideration the gender difference that is associated with them.