Several brokerages at Wall Street have reported that the stocks of ADM will put up an EPS of $1.04 for the quarter. According to reports, three of the investment analysts have already provided estimates on the EPS of the company. The lowest EPS recorded has been in the range of $0.90, while the highest goes all the way up to $1.18. The company did post an EPS of $1.42 the previous year- so this is indicative of a negative annual growth rate of about 26.8%. 

The Quarterly Earnings of ADM

The stocks of ADM did publish their quarterly earnings results on the 3rd of November. The company had reported an EPS of $0.89 for that quarter, which ended up being more than the consensus estimate of $0.71. ADM has a return to equity of about 11.10%, with the net margin being 2.53%. The revenue earned by the company during that quarter was $15.13 billion, which was slightly less than the consensus estimate of $16.69 billion. 

There have been quite a few research firms that have commented on the stocks of the company. Barclays has already increased the price target on the shares of ADM from $52 to $55, while giving the company a rating of overweight in a 9th November research report. Argus has increased the price target on the company from $49 to $55, in a 3rd November research report.

Credit Suisse Group has increased the rating on the shares of the company from a rating of underperform to a rating of neutral, while increasing the price target from $44 to $46. Monness Crespi & Hardt has also increased the ratings from neutral to buy, along with a price target of $60. In the end, Morgan Stanley had a price target of $53 fixed on the firm. 

One analyst has given ADM a rating of sell, while three of them have given the stocks a rating of hold. Eight analysts, on the other hand, have given the stocks a rating of buy. Currently, the company has a rating of buy, with a price target of $50.64.