Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur for the United States of America, gave suggestions with regard to the WallStreetBets. This took place in the question-and-answer session on the social media platform, Reddit known as “Ask Me Anything.”

What Mark Cuban said in the session was that the real face of WallStreetBets would be revealed once the platforms for trading would be made open for the buyers. He made the precise mention of the platform, Robinhood.

Mark Cuban On Security Purchase

He further added on the holdings of the stock. He wrote that he would continue holding the stock if he could afford to do it. It is also to be noted that the billionaire investor clearly mentioned that he has no stock holdings as of now.

Mark Cuban went on to claim that he is very sure with regard to the fact that there is an involvement of many big players and funds. These are the ones who have made the shorting of GameStop possible, yet again. And the reason behind this, according to the entrepreneur, is because they are of the view that they can outdo everyone else when it comes to being smart on the WallStreetBets.

The users of Robinhood can only make the purchase of certain securities shares that are in limited amounts. To give an example, the users are only allowed to make the purchase of about 100 shares of the corporation, GameStop,  when it comes to AMC Entertainment Holdings, and the users are not allowed to go beyond the purchase of a total of 1250 shares. The total number of securities that have restrictions is 5. Mark Cuban also gave an insight when it comes to the switching of brokers. He wrote that people should go for those brokerages that have a balance sheet of a very strong nature.