The sporting schedule for this year has been completely messed up with the spread of the coronavirus disease. Most of the major tournaments that were supposed to take place have already been postponed or shifted to the next year. All of them, including the NFL, the NHL, and other leagues throughout the world had to compromise in one way or the other. 

But there has been a plan in motion to ensure that there is some semblance to the sports schedule. Several leagues have brought out plans that would see them carry out this season safely. The NHL and the NBA have bio-bubbles where athletes live in. In many sports, fans aren’t allowed- with several new protocols in place. 

Here is the updated sports schedule for today:


1. LA Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves, 6.05 pm

2. Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Rays, 8.40 pm


1. Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills, 7 pm

Here’s an overall look at the current 2020 sports schedule

Breeders’ Cup-

This year’s Breeders’ Cup will be situated before fans when they return to Lexington, Kentucky. 


The Masters Tournament has been postponed to November, which means there is a possibility of a couple of Masters in the next five months. 

NBA Draft-

Due to the playoff lengths, the NBA draft has been moved quite a few times. Finally, the date has been set on the 18th of November. 

The sports schedule for this year could look the same if there were no other changes taking place at the end of it.