Every working person deserves some time off; time for vacationing or just spending with your family, that if your wallet is empty and you can’t afford to go touring abroad. In 2010, I had this opportunity to go holidaying. This was my first holiday that I’d would visiting abroad since graduating from college and getting a full-time employment where I had been working for 5 years. Therefore I wanted it to be memorable. Being a summer holiday, I needed the vacation to be something epic- to go touring another country. I hadn’t done it before, but after considering the best places which were within my budget, I decided to settle for Armenia. I did so because it was within my affordability and from the little research I did, I was certain that I was going to have some great time.

If I had what it took to visit major attraction places in the world, maybe I’d have opted for Vienna, Austria or a cool place like the white sandy beaches of Santorini, Greece. But since my budget was off limits, I figured out that Armenia was a nice place to make a courtesy call. Touring the region I did. And, being a summer holiday, I enjoyed the best that that this country could offer any foreign tourist. I must state that I was skeptical about my visit here and felt that I was just wasting the little that I had saved for a vacation, but I was proved entirely wrong.

Great Places to Sight-see and Learn

The morning that I started my vacation so me take a flight from Heathrow International Airport which took about fifty minutes to reach Zvartnots International Airport. By the time that we arrived there, I had suffered serious jet lag and all I needed was some rest. I had prior reserved accommodation at the Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel and therefore I hired a cab which took me there shortly so that I could have some rest. There is one thing that I loved about the hotel; though I had booked online using a mobile app which I didn’t feel good about, I realized that I had made the right choice. It is true that the charges for accommodation at the hotel can be a bit exorbitant especially during a time like summer when I had traveled, but everything about the hotel was magnificent. Actually the hotel was just superb.

The building was wonderfully adorned by what I came to learn later was the Yerevan architecture of the 19th and 20th century and the finishing inside were just amazing. Actually, the photos from the app that made me make my mind about staying there were entirely short of the whole contextual of the place. The staff there was very welcoming and hospitable and made me feel that I was in the right place. The decor at the place was Armenian and quiet captivating and so was the cuisine that I later ordered that day- quiet superb if I may claim. I really loved the Armenian finishing. As I checked in, I knew that I was in one of the nicest places in Europe. That day, I decided to rest, as I made amendments to mu earlier plans on the areas that I was supposed to sight-see.

That night I was overwhelmed with the best places to visit even though I had earlier planned my vacation. I therefore decided to start by visiting Matenadaran which is officially referred to as Mesrop Mashtots in Yerevan. It is a repository of medieval manuscript & books which contain rich culture about Armenian and other ethnic groups of Europe and is also famous because most of the information held there ranges among various topics which reflect the human nature such as medicine, history, literature, arts and cosmography. Therefore a visit to the place will indicate that any visitor who wants to gather as much info about humankind as he can will spend a considerable time at the museum. The guides there were very helpful and hospitable too and they were very professional. They must have had great experience working at the place because they took through almost all the sections that I needed to learn something. Anyway, three is a lot to be learnt from this place and that made me spend almost the whole day at the place.

I managed to get from there in the late afternoon before grabbing some quick launch in a nearby hotel and deciding to go for a walk around the city of Yerevan. By evening feeling exhausted, I decided to go to a night club to have some fun before eventually retiring back to my hotel for the night. At the club, I met a local gentleman called Alex, who we instantly made friends. He was glad that I had visited Armenia and was glad to recommend the best places that were a must see for any foreign tourist.

The next day, I had to alter my schedule to accommodate a visit to the Yerevan Opera house to experience the local culture as Alex had proposed. Of course being a summer holiday, there was a lot to be happy about the place. The renowned Armenian Phiharmonic Orchestra was to some perform classical music later that evening. To pass time I familiarized myself with basic Armenian phrases before I went strolling through the areas of the building where some Jazz musicians were performing. There I was able to socialize with a few tourists who were as much intrigued by the local culture expressed so passionately as I was. As dusk closed by, I made my way to the opera house just in time to receive an eccentric performance. The performance ended a few hours later and out of gratitude and appreciation, the audience gave the orchestra a standing ovation. Enriched with the local culture, I went back to the hotel reminiscing all the way.

Arts and Culture of Armenians

The following day, I headed to the Opera Square Area to view Cascade, a giant stone stairway that I had learnt about that evening but I had not been privileged to visit the previous day. The stairway linked the neighborhood with Kentron (an area in Yerevan). It also led to a monument that commemorates the 50th anniversary since Soviet Armenia was established. I climbed to the top where the view opened up to the scenery of Yerevan and Mount Ararat. I took landscape pictures of the scenery before I decided to take a tour to the Sergei Paradjanov Museum which Alex had also recommended. While going back (since I had ample time before the day ended), I decided to pass through passed through Haghtanak Park, which is a largely forested area with a small amusement park and an artificial lake. I joined another group of tourist and we had fun at the place before I proceeded on my way later in the afternoon.

In the several days ahead before I ended my vacation, I also visited other exciting places such as the Tatev Monastery and also took a hiking expedition in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. It was simply one a nice vacation than I had earlier thought of.