Supernatural by Erick Kripke has been coming to an end. Everyone is sighing at the end of Supernatural. Erick Kripke, also known famously for ‘the Boys’ which is currently running in amazon prime, has been giving interviews. He has been talking about his show ‘ Supernatural’ which was released in 2004. 

In recollection, Kripke said in an interview how the show came into existence and had merged with UPN to become CW. He also narrated events of how it has come ahead to become a great show of the century. 

How did Supernatural become a series?

Before making his show, Supernatural, there was another show by the name of ‘Tarzan’ that he wanted to bring out which was canceled by the Warner Bros. When the executive producer of the show had asked him to bring out a new idea for the show, all he could bring out was a plagiarised idea from the Night Stalker by Kolchak. Kripke also told in the interview that he tried to fake it until he could make it, even though Susan Rovner was not fascinated by the ideas for shows. Then he was sent home, Kripke told in the interview. 


It was after 16 whole years that Kripke got the idea of two men cruising in and out of the country and finally getting to these paranormal adventures. This later became Supernatural, the series. However, Kripke also let the interviewer know that the first scratch of Supernatural was not the final byproduct. It is not what we see on the screen. There were various drafts and one of them had a structure very different from the series stories. Kripke said, his initial idea was that Dean was the one who knew about the monsters while Sam was not into it, rather he did not believe in monsters. 

This script was thought to be “dull” and overtly confusing and hence was rejected. It is through further retrospection Kripke confirmed that it was better to project one of the brothers, Dean, to be problematic while Sam just grew into the idea of hunting for paranormal adventures. Even after very many rejections from the producers Kripke did not leave the script of Supernatural or get disheartened. He confessed that that very Christmas he spent writing and polishing the script further. 

The final story of Supernatural

It was Kripke’s statement in many interviews that the final storyline of Supernatural was done and finalized with the idea that both Dean and Sam were important to the storyline. Dean and Sam Winchester, therefore, were born into the world and had long histories with each other and their father. This was accepted by the directors, producers, and executive producers. 

Upon their sanction, the story grew into being filmed. Kripke’s idea was to bring comedy as an element in Supernatural. He believed every time people made films on ghosts it was the horror genre. He wanted to revolutionize the horror genre and bring a bit of comedy and goosebumps into the picture.