the undoing
the undoing

This article carries spoilers for the season finale of the Undoing, so beware!

The final season of The Undoing has given rise to mixed reactions over various social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Some say that they are totally startled by the great reveal, while others say that they were not at all shocked. Readout to find what really happened and how it is perceived across the fans.

Who Killed Elena Alves In The Undoing?

Kelly Ripa, the actress and the host of a talk show, took to social media about her reaction to the great reveal. She wrote that she was totally “shooketh”. She also posted a series of pictures over her Instagram Story, displaying her surprise.

Kerry Washington, the fellow actress, too took on social media to express her feelings on the reveal. She wrote that she was undone!

There was a zenith of suspense at the end of the pre-final season. This was the point that left viewers confused about who the real culprit was. This happened when Grace ( Nicole Kidman) stumbled upon the potential murder weapon and that too, in the bedroom of her son. A mallet that was hidden in her son, Henry’s violin case, was discovered by her.

Some users of Twitter described the reveal as a not-so-shocking plot after Jonathan came out as the real killer. The previous episodes of The Undoing had been about someone trying to frame him as the killer, and, half of the viewers were of the opinion that the reveal had already been very obvious to them.

Others to share their opinions on the season finale of The Undoing, were Ava Duverney, the filmmaker, Isa Rae, Jane Stevenson, and Olivia B.Waxman.