Quite a few analysts working at KeyCorp have increased the EPS estimate for CRUS in a 6th January research report. J. Vinh, one of the principal analysts from KeyCorp has given out a statement where the company ought to be posting an EPS of $1.72 for this quarter, which is considerably higher than the previous estimate. The stocks of CRUS have been given a rating of overweight, along with a $100 price target by the research equity firm. 

The Quarterly Earnings of CRUS

KeyCorp has also displayed the EPS of CRUS for Q4 2022 at $0.87, with an EPS of $4.09 for FY2022. The company had previously uploaded its earnings results on the 7th of November, where it reported an EPS of $1.26 for the quarter. The EPS was considerably more than the consensus estimate of $0.90. The revenue of the firm for that quarter was $347.33 million, which was more than the expectations of the analysts at $310.86 million. The company’s return on its equity is 14.92%, with the net margin fixed at 12.57%. 

CRUS has been the subject of quite a few research reports. Craig Hallum has already increased the price target on the company from $70 to $80 while giving the company a rating of buy in a 3rd November research report. Barclays has also increased the stocks of the firm from a rating of underweight to a rating of equal weight, while increasing the price target from $60 to $65 in a 14th September research report.

BidaskClub has also elevated the rating on the firm from a rating of buy to a rating of strong-buy in a Thursday report. Zacks Investment Research has reduced the rating of the company from buy to hold, with a price target of $73 on the firm. 

Five of the investment analysts have given the stocks of CRUS a rating of hold, while seven of them have issued a rating of buy. The rating of the firm is buy, with a price target set at $84.89.