the dropout
the dropout

The outstanding performance of Elizabeth Holmes in the documentary directed by Alex Gibney, ‘The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, has been praised by many people. Elizabeth Holmes’s husky voice and wide eyes were used by Amanda Seyfried in her Hulu series ‘The Dropout’ which is also a documentary based on the fall and rise of Shakespeare and the dynamics of gender that were used at that time. 

What’s New In ‘The Dropout’

The series used fantastic casts for small roles and adopts a sympathetic way for Elizabeth Holmes as she grabbed the idea of improving herself before leaving Stanford to run for her goals. As she was pursuing her goals, she saw her father’s struggles and gained the experience to do anything to win lessons. 

Elizabeth Holmes, although very driven, was never looked upon seriously because of misogyny both in non-subtle and subtle form. She was often asked to not look good as investors would not take her seriously. Most of the time even the media were confused by the idea of a female young CEO who was working in a technological, male-oriented business with the objective of achieving something that was not possible. 

In the views of Phyllis Gardner, a professor of Stanford, stated that the character is a fraud. However, such a strong statement could not stop people like George Shultz to hear her speech as she was a pure symbol of female progression. The series ‘The Dropout’ is filled with famous actors like Bill Irwin, Stephan Fry, Anne Archer, and many more. 

The director excelled at showing both the youthful Holmes and her working, by emphasizing minute details from her clothes, voice to dialogue delivery. Some artificial and stiff scenes were also shooted where Holmes roughly said that she did not feel anything for her lover Sunny Balwani, yet the director showed that she cared. The latest premiere of ‘The Dropout’ is on 3rd March 2022 on Hulu.