You may not have been able to enjoy 2020 blockbusters in the theaters this year, but that doesn’t mean there were no blockbusters.

A few years ago it was impossible to imagine watching the latest releases from the comforts of our homes. We were stuck with rewatching older movies and TV shows unending commercials after every 10 minutes. But Netflix comes to the rescue!

Starting from action-packed thrillers featuring Chris Hemsworth to adventure dramas and comedies, Netflix has not let us get bored during these endless pandemic days.

With the world shut down owing to the coronavirus, we’re thankful to Netflix for making our time at home a little bearable.

This year Netflix has brought to us some worthwhile entertainment with progressive content and deep, meaningful plots. Without further ado, let’s unfold the list of what we consider to be the best Netflix original movies of 2020.

1.    The Old Guard

If you’re into superhero or action-packed movies, this movie is totally recommended for you. Based on Greg Rucka’s comic with the same name, “The Old Guard” is a beautifully balanced movie with the perfect amount of action and emotion.

The lead characters are Andy the ancient warrior, played by Charlize Theron and Nile played by Kiki Layne.

This Gina Prince-Bythewood’s direction is an absolute masterpiece in the world of superhero films.

2.    Eurovision

Is everything just too much for you now? With the lockdown, the pandemic, the crisis everywhere, it’s almost as if we are living inside a Shakesperian tragedy. If you want some sheer fun then you should definitely go for this movie.

This 2020 Netflix Original is about two small-town singers who chase their dreams to land at the stage of a global music competition. Check out what happens after that.

Eurovision is fun to watch with frivolous content and unfettered acting by Will Ferrell. If you’re in the mood for some laughs, go for this one.

3.    Da 5 Bloods

This 2020 Netflix original movie is a Spike Lee masterpiece. This movie puts him in the Oscar race. The movie is a thought-provoking drama with a lot of adventure in its plot.

The movie is about four African-American vets who go back to Vietnam to seek their treasure. You heard it right. They come back to search for the body of their leader during the war and the treasure they had buried before leaving.

With such an interesting plot like this, this Netflix Original movie voices a story of black heroes who fought in the Vietnam War.

4.    The Lovebirds

With Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae as the lead characters, this Netflix Original movie is a hilarious combination of thriller and comedy.

The characters who were suffering from a crumbling relationship become a murder witness and eventually prime suspects of the case. But what follows is even more hilarious. The couple attempt to solve the crime in an utterly comic manner.

5.    Extraction

There’s obviously no need to explain as to why this film is on the list of the best Netflix Original movies, 2020. No, it’s not only because of Chris Hemsworth who plays the character of Tyler Rake.

This Sam Hargrave’s Netflix Original won our hearts with its high-powered, fast paced, and intriguing plot. If you’re in for a thrill, give this movie a try because it takes you on a wild ride.

6.    A secret Love

This is a touching documentary and I bet it’s the best thing on Netflix right now. “A Secret Love” is about two women who fall in love but keep it hidden from everyone for almost all the years they were together. And mind you, they were a couple for over seven decades.

The prejudice captured in the film is not unknown to the society we live in. The hardships and the obstacles they face on their journey of love is a stirring reminder of all those people who had to face the same.

7.    Circus of Books

This Netflix Original documentary gives you a peek into the pages of history. This 1hr 30 minutes documentary shows how a book store run by a Jewish couple becomes the biggest distributor of gay porn in the US.

Interested enough? This documentary unfolds the history of West Hollywood during the 1970s and how they managed to keep up their distribution channel amidst strictures.

8.    Horse Girl

While the other movies are either in the action or comedy genre, this Netflix original movie, 2020 is a beautiful rendition of the psychological genre.

“Horse Girl” is a bizarre take on the wild side of mental illness and it’ll definitely leave you shaken. However, this psychological drama captures a wild tale perfectly. Starring Molly Shannon and Debby Ryan, this movie is a must watch on Netflix right now.

9.    All Day and a Night

It’s rarely we find movies questioning the society we live in. The environment we live in contributes to our nature. “All Day and a Night” essentially highlights this point. Starring Ashton Sanders and Jeffrey Wright, this movie is about a father and a son. The plot is especially touching.

The film takes the character named Jakhor to the same prison where his father stayed. The content is powerful and the plot is interesting. If you haven’t watched it already, take some time off to do so.

10. The Half Of It

Even though the story is a classic boy meets girl story, you’ll still feel the warmth of the movie. The movie is about a boy who makes a girl realize that beauty of her personality is in being herself.

This Netflix Original has a typical feel-good factor to it and when you’re stuck at home for so long, you definitely need something to feel good about.

11. Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

This movie totally deserves to be on the list of best Netflix movies 2020. It’s an investigative documentary based on Cyntoia Brown who murdered a man at the age of 16. The movie delves deep into the complex emotions of Cyntoia.

It also portrays how she garnered public support and her case came to national attention. You will surely not regret watching this documentary.

12. Lost Girls

“Lost Girls” is a remarkable addition to the list of Netflix Originals. This movie is powerful, heart-wrenching and confident in its portrayal.

This movie is about a girl who goes missing in Long Island and the journey of her determined mother who goes to lengths to search for her daughter.

The movie unfolds into something bigger than this. It also ends up finding several missing girls working as prostitutes in the area.

Here’s our list of the best Netflix movies of 2020. Make sure you’ve watched them all.