Cyber Monday Deals
Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is here and the biggest online retailer Amazon is ready with its sales galore. Let’s see how the second massive shopping holiday is going down.

Cyber Monday Deals On Amazon Devices

1. The Echo Flex is a tiny smart speaker that you can add even to a very small room. You have to only plug it into an outlet and can get the Alexa service. You can get Amazon’s Echo Flex at $9.99 which is originally priced at $24.99.You can get it at

2. The Echo Dot which was recently released has a spherical shape and on sale first-time on Black Friday. You can get the Echo Dot(4th-Gen) at $28.99 which is originally priced at $49.99 and can be found on can pay just $28.99 for its base model but if you pay an extra $10 you can get the Clock or Kids edition with it(a good discount).

3. You can get the Le Creuset at $49.95 on people who in the last few months have changed into a wannabe or bona fide cook, Le Creuset has the same value as gold. This sale provides for sweet canisters under $40 and mini coquettes under $20.Le Creuset’s infamous ovens are going under $200.

4. Buy the Levoit humidifier at just $76.49 to help you get relieved from dry skin and sinus issues.

From Moroccan rugs to rug pads and runners, there is a 15% discount on Amazon’s top-rated rugs. Buy them at just $5.12.