A metallic structure that was shiny and tall was discovered in the desert of Utah. Monolith was what it is called, and it was discovered just last week.

This discovery gave rise to a range of different theories over how it ended there. Some said that it was a work of art while some said that it could be a leftover prop from TV shows. One theory also suggested that it had to do something with the aliens.

What Can Be More Mysterious Than The Sudden Appearance Of Monolith? Its Disappearance!

The locality officials reported that there was an involvement of a party that was unknown. According to the statement of a spokesperson of the Land Management Bureau, the Monolith was not removed by them. They considered it to be private property. It was also said that the metallic structure grabbed the attention of both the national and international public. Furthermore, a report was received that said that the Monolith was removed on the 27th of November, during evening time, by one person or a group.

Initially, the information of the exact location where the Monolith was found, was not disclosed by the Department of Public Safety of Utah. It was the helicopter crew of that department that first came across the strange metal. This took place when the bighorn sheep count was going on, on the 18th of November.

It was further added by the Land Management Bureau that it is out of their jurisdiction to make any investigation of private property. Anything that involves the mention of private property, is to be handled by the office of the local sheriff.

No one was over the mysterious appearance of the Monolith and now it disappeared causing more mystery.