DA Davidson has increased the rating of Tecnoglass (NASDAQ: TGLS) to ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’. On Monday, Tecnoglass started from $6.17 in the stock market with the market cap being $294.15M, and the ratio of PEG, P/E, and beta is 0.48, 41.14, and 1.45.

The current, quick, and debt-to-equity are 2.51, 1.85, and 1.47. Their lowest in 52 weeks is $2.15 while the highest is $8.37. The 50-day rolling average is $5.70 while the 200-day is $5.39.

According to the 6th November report, the company had a quarterly EPS earnings of $0.28 that surpassed the $0.17 consensus estimate by $0.11. Their net margin was 1.89% with the return equity at 17.80%.

TGLS Stock Transactions

ValuEngine demoted the rating of Tecnoglass stock to ‘strong sell’ from ‘sell’. Zacks declined the rating to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’. B. Riley increased it to ‘buy’ from ‘neutral’. BidaskClub demoted to ‘hold’ from ‘buy’. Raymond James was demoted to ‘outperform’ from ‘strong buy’ and issued a price objective of $7. The company has the consensus ‘hold’ recommendation with a $7.17 average price objective.

Heartland Advisors increased their holdings of the stock of the company by 175.4%, owning $1,908,000 worth of shares in Q2. GSA Partners acquired a new position in the stock of Tecnoglass that is valued at $129,000 in Q3. LSV Management increased its holdings on TGLS stock by 43.4% in Q3 that is priced at $241,000.

Sei Investments raised their position by 15.8% in Q2 and now owns $546,000 worth of shares. Square point Ops purchased a new stake in the stock of the company in Q2 that is priced at $60,000. Hedge funds and institutional investors own a 15.66% TGLS stock.