A “You can’t Close America” rally has been organized by Owen Shroyer, the host of a show that is known to diffuse conspiracy theories. The show watchers have claimed to believe that the news of the coronavirus is a myth spread by the Chinese Communist Party, and the reports of the flooded hospitals are being spread as its propaganda.

Demonstrators across the country will be joining the rally to protest against the stay at home orders and will be neglecting the social distancing norms amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This rally will be similar to the ones that took place in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, earlier this week.

Texans plan to turn out Saturday calling to reopen the country


The Texas Department of Safety urges the mass to follow the safety norms issued by the federal health officials and to avoid mass gatherings. The agency reports to the New York Times that they will take necessary enforcement actions against the rally if needed.

Protestors received a boost when President Trump appeared to be in solidarity with the protest rallies that occurred in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced on Friday that he will consider opening different Texas businesses with strict executive orders starting next week.