In the Investor Letter of the 3rd quarter of 2020, Baron Company highlighted some of their stocks which included Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA). The firm has recently issued its data for the 3rd quarter. In their 3rd quarter in the present year of 2020, the company had a return of 47.15% on institutional shares.

When compared with the yardstick of the S&P-500 Index, it had increased by 8.93%. On the other hand, the growth index of Russell Midcap surged by 9.37%.

TSLA Stock Valuation

TSLA is essentially a business enterprise of electric cars. There was a gain of 609.2% in their ‘year to date’ stock. On 3rd December, Thursday, the closing price of the stock was standing at $593.38.

Baron Funds have released an official statement stating that Tesla designs, produce as well as sells a car that is entirely electric along with solar products and solutions for energy storage problems. Their stock has seen to have improved as seen in the results of the 2nd quarter. Additionally, the outcomes of the profitability surpassed the analysts’ estimates as well as the solid progress seen in the prevailing and new programs among all the various vehicles and geographies.

They also added that TSLA has a grand vision regarding the research of batteries that is aimed to expand their advantages and opportunities in the market. They are confident about the sustainability of Tesla’s long-term growth.

Tesla is among the best 11 battery and lithium stocks that is reliable to be purchased now.

Tesla increased by 6% of the preceding quarter and is one of the most profitable amidst hedge funds.